Did you know that MNC Eco Cabins also provides a custom fabrication service?

  • Where do you construct your Eco Cabins?

We are located on the Mid North Coast of NSW where all our Eco Cabins are manufactured and assembled.

  • What is the average construction time?

Once deposit has been paid and all design work has been finalised, usually around 8-12 weeks from build start date. Please note that due to demand, these times may fluctuate. We will always communicate with you regarding any delays that may arise.

  • Can you help me design a custom Eco Cabin?

If a custom design is what you are after, we can help. New designs and plans are charged by our architects. These prices can vary dependant on your design.

  • Do you offer payment plans or finance options?

Yes, we do. Speak with us today to discuss this option. We require a 30% deposit to start the build of your Eco Cabin.

  • Are your Eco Cabins insulated?

Yes. Our Eco Cabins include wall and ceiling insulation to help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • How do I connect my Eco Cabin to sewage or septic?

MNC Eco Cabins come complete with standard flushing toilet which are ready for your local plumber to connect to an existing sewer septic system. This is not a service we provide. Please consult your local council before any work is commenced. If you would like to be completely off grid, we also offer a composting or an incinerating toilet for an additional cost.

  • How do I connect my Eco Cabins to electricity?

You don’t need to. MNC Eco Cabins can arrange complete on or off grid solar packages. This is installed by our professional solar installation team.

  • How else can my Eco Cabin be used?

MNC Eco Cabins can be used for more than residential living. An Eco Cabin have several uses such as:

  • Airbnb rental to earn extra income.

  • Accommodation for worker such as fruit pickers or harvesters

  • Home office space. We can help to create a plan that will work best for this purpose, keeping your home and workspaces separate.

  • Do i need to obtain development approval? Do I need a council permit to place an Eco Cabin on my own land?

Although pre-manufactured, development approval will be required by your local council. As to where you can place your Eco Cabin, different councils have different rules. It is important to check with your local council about their specific regulations before purchasing an Eco Cabin. Increasingly, councils are embracing the tiny house movement as a viable way for people to live. MNC Eco Cabins no longer assist in lodging DA’s however we can provide all plans needed to lodge the application at an additional fee. We can also recommend a third party to lodge on your behalf. The cost of this lodgement is charged separately by the third party.

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  • 1/99 Hastings River Dr, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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